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We thoroughly enjoy providing our clientele with the right guidance and branding solutions to meet their product needs. We encourage them to survey consumer markets, to give them the insights they require to build confidence in their brand concepts and product ideas.

In every lab, there's a mad scientist, in the BevLab this honoured reputation is owned and worn proudly by our founder Blake Titanium. She works furiously through all project elements, balancing, sampling, concepting, mapping, testing and matching to achieve the perfect chemical reaction.



Periodic table of media elements.png
Periodic table of media elements.png
  • Receiving and compiling briefs

  • Setting key milestones dates

  • Planning and organising key elements to ensure project completion

  • Managing resources effectively

  • Implementation of project

  • Reporting on project progress

  • Completion/handover of project

Periodic table of media elements.png
  • Consulting on packaging options to meet product requirements

  • Sourcing of packaging fit for purpose

  • Sourcing required co-packers for the packing of various products 

  • Liaising with packaging suppliers around specifications

  • Testing of new packaging, facilitating brand owner requirements with packaging suppliers

  • Mapping first order logistics journey and handover

Periodic table of media elements.png


Our mini survey is what we term as the (H) solution in BevLab, it's light but still packs a flammable marketing tool punch.

This key elemental factor used in the Bevlab. It is an ideal brand awareness and data collection feature, when time is of the essence and you need to get your brand or products to market, as soon as possible.

It gives you food and beverage market, likes, dislikes, it lets you understand if your potential brand or existing brand will or is producing the compounded results you would like to see?


What's included in this exciting, light element?

  • 5 to 15 questions

  • A one pager option

  • Question grouping

  • Respondent email alerts

  • Embedded question in email

  • Pre & post survey editorial articles

  • A Full analytic report with handover

BLM Website circle image (1).png


Our in-depth survey is what we term as the (K) solution in BevLab. It's a highly flammable marketing tool which interacts with consumers and when released into the open, results in an explosion of valuable consumer information.

Giving you key feedback on trends in the food and beverage market, likes, dislikes, is your potential brand or existing brand producing the compounded results you would like to see? Or do you need an adjustment to your current formula or require an activator to improve its current market value and appreciation?

This survey offering is key to customer and consumer interaction. With the use of user friendly technology and questionnaire building via any device, there is no limit to understanding your consumer and their purchasing behaviours. 


What's included in this exciting element? 

  • 15 to 30 questions

  • Graphic design work

  • Customised social media posts

  • Embedding available

  • Pre & post editorial survey articles

  • A full analytics report

  • An automatic link to your website

  • Branded email survey invitations

Periodic table of media elements.png
  • Corporate Identity 

  • Logo development 

  • Website design and development (Front & Back end)

  • Marketing mailer design 

  • PowerPoint design and presentations

  • Product packaging mock up concepts 

  • Product packaging design layouts.

  • Management of the full printing process

  • Point of sale design 

  • Various design items such as:
    Promotional items
    Social media graphics
    Rotating banners

  • Software development:
    Web based and mobi

Periodic table of media elements.png
  • Social Media platform development. (Various social media platforms) 

  • Social Media campaigns and platform management

  • Brand specific editorial for placement on company web-pages and social media posting

  • Copywriting for packaging and ensuring labelling compliance according to territory specific legislation

  • Copywriting for social media content
    Website copywriting

  • Public relations management

Periodic table of media elements.png
  • Videography:
    Brand influencer interviews
    Product launches
    Product reparation videos

  • Product & all brand related photography

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